It is essential to learn the Greek alphabet well.  Wenham  uses transliteration to help master the Greek alphabet.  We have been using transliteration exercises, here is an example and another.  I am  making these exercises using the 1 John 1:5-2:5 passage from Chapter 4 of Mounce.  

This will help to prepare us for the reading exercise on the CD Rom. You can make your own from the website below which has the Greek Bible transliterated.

If you don’t have a Greek Bible  to check your answers , there is one online :

I added my own little conventions (underlining digraphs and dipthongs and  including the breathers). I made a transliteration chart. Not all the children enjoyed the exercise, one of them writing in Greek letters a message to me in English (another transliteration) about how he did not like the exercise. this-exercise-is-dumb  I guess it worked! I think his frustation was that when he put the lesson into Greek letters he still could not read it. Another option would be write something in English using Greek letters.


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