Here are the presentation files used in the class. You can use these for teaching the course yourself, or for review.


To view and display the files correctly, you will need to install The Bibleworks Greek font and the SGreek Fixed font.


1. alphabet & recognition.odp

2. conjunctions.pptx

3. prepositions.pptx

4. definite article.pptx

5. second declension nouns.pptx

6. first declension nouns.pptx

7. third declension nouns.pptx

8. adjectives.pptx

9. pronouns.pptx

10. declining.pptx

11. verbs introduction.pptx

12. verbal forms and moods.pptx

Colewell & Tune Reader pages 65-67.pptx

Review & Catch-up.pptx




The handouts to the New Testament Greek class are all available here.  They are .pdf documents mostly.  Eventually we plan on making answer keys as well.

Helpful Link – SBL Greek New Testament


The Society of Biblical Literature, in keeping with its mission to foster biblical scholarship, is pleased to sponsor, in association with Logos Bible Software, a new, critically edited edition of the Greek New Testament. The SBL Greek New Testament (SBLGNT), which is freely available in electronic form, will be useful to students, teachers, translators, and scholars in a wide variety of settings and contexts.

For Fun

Online Interlinear with lots of features

Some Grammar

Let us have a look at a sentence:

fox the dog over brown jumps the lazy quick

Something is wrong with it?

The words seems mixed up to us because in English the place the word has in the sentence, tells us what  job it has.

So that if I move the words around we get

The quick brown fox | jumps  | over the lazy dog.

Then we know who is  doing what to whom.

In Greek you can tell who is jumping not by the place in the sentence but the ending on the words.

I am going to put numbers on the end of the English words so you know what I mean


fox-1 the-1 dog-3 over-3 brown-1 jumps-2 the-3 lazy-3 quick-1 is

The quick brown fox | jumps | over the lazy dog.

If I changed the endings

fox-3 the-3 dog-1 over-3 brown-1 jumps-2 the-1 lazy-3 quick-1
Now what would be our sentence?

The  quick brown dog | jumps | over the lazy fox.

So the endings tells us what job the word has in the sentence. In Koine Greek the ending on the word tells us the job it has in the sentence not its place in a sentence.

Some more cards

see this note before printing out



You will notice I have put the vocabulary words in the phrases that Jeff Vann used. I have discovered that my brain learns the key words faster in a phrase.