Koine Greek Unit 1

Lessons recorded   on the 3rd June 2010, 10th June 2010, 24th June 2010

Lesson recorded  3rd June 201

Here is a cute Koine Alphabet Song


Also check out


Lesson Recorded  10th June 2010

Some exercises to reinforce today’s lesson can be found at
( Note these are mine (Tarnya) which I am making to help my children learn along with me and any errors are mine.)

Koine Greek with Jeff Vann Lesson 3 24th June 2010


2 responses to “Koine Greek Unit 1

  1. Dear Jefferson
    I am trying to learn new testament greek and am pleased to have discovered your lectures
    What is your evaluation of Textus Receptus?
    Bye now
    John Pritchard

  2. Hi John,

    I like to consult all of the available texts and compare variables. Fortunately there are several computer programs which make that process less cumbersome. The TR is certainly important — primarily because for so long it was just about the only available source for students. I don’t agree with those who insist that TR is the only inspired text of the NT. There is no biblical evidence to support that belief.

    Keep up the effort! There are still many treasures locked in the words of the Greek New Testament, waiting for people like us to discover.

    Jefferson Vann

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