Koine Greek Unit 2

Lessons recorded on the 15th July, 22nd July and the 29th July
15th July
Review of the letters

Continue of review of letter sounds and ( at 3 mins)  conjuctions and ( 7:35 mins) the beginning of our new vocab

New vocabulary

Review – Summary – watch this one for a quicker review of what we have learned thus far

There is a directional microphone setting on my camcorder- but I haven’t found it yet! Hopefully you will have better sound next week ~ Tarnya
22nd July
On line resources: All the written notes are available linked in the right hand sidebar of Jeff’s blog


I also made some more vocab cards. After struggling with learning single words on cards, I have discovered that it is much easier to learn them in phrases. The new vocab cards are the short phrases Jefferson Vann used with the word being learned in bold.

This week we reviewed the letter sounds.

We learned more about prepositions

29th July

and something I wrote about English grammar and  here is a link to a very useful interlinear.


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